Lose Weight Permanently

We understand that losing weight can be difficult. Your personal Magra Health Coach will help you to lose weight and keep it off for good

Personal Health Coach is an instant message away!

Every time you use the Magra app, your personal health coach will keep an eye on all of data that you submit and professionally will guide you on a daily basis. Coach will help you to become aware of your eating habits and gain control of them.

Your Personal Magra Health Coach Will Make Living A Healthy Lifestyle Easy, Enjoyable, and Sustainable

Here’s what you can expect:

Constant Encouragement

You can be completely honest with your coach about the ups and downs in your journey. Your coach will only offer positive reinforcement for your efforts to stay on track.

Personal Care

Your coach will be there to gently guide you every day in making the best decisions towards your health goal. They will cover your nutrition, exercise habits, stress levels, sleep routine, and more.

Gratifying Results

Work together with your coach to set targets, establish realistic ways to reach them, and celebrate together when you reach them! Your coach will also gladly assist on how to keep up the good work beyond the Magra program.

Social and Supportive Community

Expect support not only from your personal coach, but from people just like you, who are on a similar journey. You can share tips, recipes and encouragement with people from all over the world. Discover how everyone else in the Magra community are worxking towards their goal.